Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

*cracks knuckles*

Well, I slept until noon today, which was SO nice. Much needed.

Last night, Melody and I went to Jennie's bellydancing Hafla - we were half the audience, so it was very informal and impromptu. Free food, too! :)

Then the three of us came back to my house and watched Proof, which I absolutely loved. It made me think about being crazy, which has always been more than a bit of a fear of mine, but talking with Jake about it a bit makes me think it's okay. I'm nuts. More than a little. But I'm happy, productive nuts, so who cares?

Slogging through calendar entries - got so many, and such nice ones! Yay! It's going to be tough turning some of these away. I think I'd like to do a runners-up gallery in the back... though I can't afford to pay royalties on all those, if I do. Would people be interested in being there if they weren't getting paid? I'll probably have to ask on a case-by-case basis. Great stuff. I loved the entries. :)

Got lots of backend stuff done this afternoon... some messageboards set up and prettyfied, upgraded my forum to be current, set up an ftp upload server for print services and PA and stuff - not many people had trouble with the upload site and/or lilypad, but enough that it was a hassle. There's another alternative, at least. I had attempted to set that up waaaaay back when I first got my dreamhost account, but couldn't figure out how. Now, I am dreamhost guru and it was snap.

Back hurts - it was wickedly painful last night after lugging out buckets of water doing dishes, painting for a few hours (oil landscapes) and then sitting at the recital in icky seats. Better this morning, but it's still mad at me.

I need to write a state of the site review on Monday - I try to do one every pay period so folks know what's up around the place. And finish doing pay emails and writing checks for those folks getting them.

Okay, time to do a database save and then, maybe just maybe I'll take the rest of the weekend to do fun me-things. (And ice my back)

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