Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Aaaaand, done!

Artist pay is calculated! Horrah!

Still have to do the usual slog of emailing everyone and figuring out if they've been carrying a balance, which can take a week or more, as many artists as I've got now. But the big calculating job is done! I need to figure a way to streamline this part, too - some kind of batch email that draws on a database?? I should sic Janet on that - it would be worth some money to save me a week of work. (Intermittent work, 'cause there's only so many I can do at once before screaming, but still, a mighty significant workload.)

Going through all the sales for the year is always eye-opening. It always makes me wonder how worthwhile this whole operation really is - I'm not paying anyone enough to support them, and I'm not making diddly off of them, really. My money makers for the year so far were clearly, entirely, very strongly the print services and the ACEO blanks, followed by the still-crippled Portrait Adoption. But it's the storefront that tends to eat up the most time and energy, go figure.

It would serve me much, much better if I were more centrally located and could do more shows and cons without travel and lodging costs, no doubt. Yay for airline miles, I guess. I wouldn't be able to afford Dragon*Con this year without 'em. Even without travel, some of the show fees aren't worth it - the Carlson Center events are just too high-priced to get my money back on. The fair is still the best bang for the buck, I think. I'm looking forward to seeing how Dragon*Con does now that I've got a better sense for what sells there.

Coloring books saw a steep drop-off - in part at least because it's been like pulling teeth to get them reprinted decently. What a hassle! I suspect they'll pick back up once I've got the new copies printed. Wholesaling looks super promising - that aspect of the site has been just super.

This makes me look quizzically at EMG-Zine, too... I'm going to give it another year, at least, since I invested in the backend coding, but it's unlikely to become financially solvent on its own. The anthology may take care of that, we'll have to see. At any rate, it's certainly fun, and people seem to appreciate it, so now that it's not eating a few long days every month I won't abandon it. It was a pretty uphill struggle getting it to this point - I certainly wouldn't have committed if I'd known I'd be doing it by hand the first 6 months. :P I am SO grateful to my writers and editors. You guys are awesome.

Although, I have no articles for August. Someone, please? I'm writing one, but that still makes a pretty slim issue.

Gotta order t-shirts today - out of a few, need some special colors, and some totes. July is an expensive month!

Art and coloring books for my afternoon. My Fishbowl Fantasies copies should be on their way to me by tomorrow, and I want to get a gothic coloring book or two laid out and uploaded by the end of the week. Is it Thursday already? Jeezus.

Oh crumb - I still have to do PA pay for those folks who take checks. Ah! Nevermind my plan.

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