Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Cram a squirrel in it!

Stupid brain.

Lay awake lots last night in mild panics about bills and artistpay (invoicing program not running right... *sigh*) and books and deadlines and artwork and money and stuff. What sleep I got was riddled with dreams about starving to death and canyons full of stagnant pools of water and books that criticized me and trying to paint in a moving van.

Feeling sort of punchy, as a result.

Got about a third of my inbox emptied this morning, paid bills, and am running off orders now.

Got into the Dragon*Con art show.

Need to nag my printer about those damn coloring books... been about 20 days since I paid and I haven't heard that they even got the payment. And the other printer about Wish3.

Debating parting with another copy of Visions... I got another plaintive email asking why I don't reprint, because they would so dearly love a copy and is there any chance of reprinting and please would I? I could use the money. But... I don't WANT to part with another copy. I don't have many left. *divided*

Lunch. Orders. Go into town and mail stuff, pick up new installation of invoice program on disc so I can do artistpay, shower, coloring books... work on resume so I can get some work that pays. Not so scared of the work as I am of fitting it into my day.

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