Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Still kicking!

Holy moly, I had the BEST time on my trip. I'm totally jazzed and energized - maybe it was the sun. We were about 400 miles north, way far above the arctic circle, for solstice, and I finished three and a half oil paintings - all of which I like and some of which I really, really like. Alkyds are *awesome.* The scenery was outstanding. It poured like a sonuvabitch and I was drenched to the skin more times than was fun, donated pints and pints of blood to the local mosquito populations, sunburnt my nose, and got bruises on my butt from sitting on a little folding stool for 10 hours in a row.

The company was outstanding, though the food could have been better. The folks I was painting with were wonderful, cheerful, friendly people - the class was only 5 people, and the instructor has shown in New York and Paris and studied under Pollock's wife, and he and one of the other students talked about Big Name artists like they were chums and discussed their world exploits like they were nothing. Next year, this instructor is doing this class in Southern France.

I have a whole slug of emails to get through, some of them less than happy, but most of them okay and some of them very nice. More people want money than want to give me money, but hey - that's the way it usually goes.

Tried to skim through LJS, but probably missed a lot - got too much to do to catch everything, and might feel bad if I weren't still on such an art high. Gotta hold onto this another four days through the show in Eagle River on Saturday. And then a little longer, 'cause OMG do I have a lot to do. Orders, and layouts and projects and management and invoice importing and jeezus, I'd better not start thinking about it right now, or I'll just want to go back to bed.

So - not really here. Won't be 'back' until Monday. :)

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