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Oh, my aching everything. Day three of a migrane that has stayed mercifully mild but is now threatening rebellion at work. Neck and shoulders feel as if I slept on rocks last night. Back feels strained, and eyes feel overworked.

Didn't quite get artist-pay finished this weekend, or finish all the orders, so I'll have to make the pilgrimage back to mom and dads later this week. Mom's going down to see a joint specialist in WA this week, and I want to see her a bit before I go, anyway. Dad's making progress on my database program, which will be soooo helpful. I showed him my bothers with calculating artist-pay and he said that he thought he could get something to use for the 2003 calendar year. Yay! He loves programming… I'm surprised he ever retired, except that he hates working with people. (No secret where I got my hermit tendancies…)

I got to unpack!!! Hoorah!!! Not everything, of course, but we did get some more clothes out of the connex box, and my dresser, and one hutch to hold all of my various day-to-day crap. The house looks… house-like, and homey. We even have hanging closet space, and we found one fuzzy leopard-print curtain (leftover from my disco-shack apartment with Melanie) to put over the bedroom window. The one floor is bigger than many places we've lived, and with most things still in storage, the space is simply wonderful. And oh, is that double-recliner/loveseat thingy comfortable. There was a day or two of being convinced that we were going to have to return it due to money woes, but decided to keep it, and suffer not having the kind of monetary buffer that we usually have. Still need to take pictures… it has already changed so much, and we don't have documentation of so many of the steps. I was looking forward to buying a digital camera for us, but that went out the window last time we did bills, so I'll have to keep borrowing one from work or family. Stupid money-based economy…

Found my big Bristol pad in my dresser while moving things around, and spent several hours grunting non-communicatively at Jake while I scribbled madly. I actually love the picture… it has a cat that Jake looked at and said in astonishment, 'It looks like a cat!' I've been trying to draw cat-like cats for an embarrassingly long time. I'll have to scan it, but it will either be cropped or in pieces. Blah. Stupid large pages. But it was soooo fun to work large. It was so fun to art. I feel… hmm… rested? No, sated. Go happy art gland. I think I may ink it. The Bristol stuff is fantastic for inking, and I can use it as a coloring book page *and* as part of the Project, which I already have far too much strictly pencil work for. Must see about stopping at the family's house and picking up my dip-pens.

Arting Ellen = happy Ellen.

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