Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Uploading Wish3 files to get vol 5 finished up, and catching up on emails and EMG forums and stuff. Payment for my class cleared - I'm good to go! Woot! And my art supplies have shipped! Shipped off a commission for final review, getting ready to post some portrait adoption pieces, and.. um... now I'm hungry.

Had a horrible night of sleep - nightmares like nuts, and lots of sleepless in-betweens. At one point, I'd died, and I had to look at photographs of myself, dead - half-drowned in a big canoe trapped in a crushed plane and frozen. Plus, I was a guy. And naked.

I don't know WHAT that's supposed to mean. But it was unnerving enough that I didn't want to get back to sleep in any hurry. So now, I'm all tired and groggy, as well.

Also, we're into season 2/2 here in Alaska. Sunday it was snow, today, it's smoke.

Not too bad, and hopefully the wind will shift soon.

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