Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


My laundry isn't dry yet, and 2002 is pretty short.

This was about the time I got back into drawing. With just graphite as a finished product, not using pencil just to sketch in lines for a final ink or color piece, but really shading. I also started working from photographs to try to get my faces a touch more realistic. (This one was not from a photograph, but you can sort of see that she's starting to look more real than my older pieces.)

Resla (from Kadanzer) was and is still eating my brain. A lot of sketchy rough illustrations of her have gradually improved my grasp of anatomy. I think this was from a photo, though grossly changed from the reference. The model was pretty, for example, and I think the shot showed only the shoulders up and was about an inch in size.

I wrote a lot this year. (In part because writing is something I could do at work, unlike art.) I started delving into my Torn World plots, and really expanding the whole snow-unicorn storyline. This is Kativa, pain in my muse. I never wanted her to take a front role, she was just a background character. Pff... she's got more stories written for her than anyone else, I think, though Birka will start to get more of a face once I get off my butt and finish up a few things.

OMG - color! Returning to my deep love of prismacolors.

And an illustration for Mushrooms, which can be found on my site, if you promise not to laugh. Okay, okay, you can laugh...

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