Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


A headsup that I am putting together a multi-artist calendar for 2007 with the theme: Why Fantasy is Better than Real Life. See the artist guidelines for details. Deadline is July 7th!


~Paychecks (2)
~Advanta bill (check duedate)
~PA adoptions to post
~Pay PA artists
~First wave of emails
~Update ACEO blanks page
~Update Artist guidelines with calendar project
~email about magazine illo I turned in and haven't heard back on
~email artist about print service disc received - check disc, looks very scratched
~update EMG main page
~Send updates to EMG list, EMG drawings list, EMG-Zine list, interested artists list.
~Dotminatrix book to Jen
~layout on Ursula's book
~email photoshop how-to article to Caroline

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