Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I wanna be mom...

So, where would you go to buy a purple bodysuit at a reasonable price? I'm an abnormal size (very long-limbed, short-torsoed and thin, though I finally got hips and have a decent-size bust), but can alter things to fit. See, I wanna be Mom at Dragon*Con. You know, Mom, from Futurama? (though her outfit looks blue there... I'm going to have to check my dvds...) Stuff a squirrel in it Mom, the publicly loveable tycoon. *grins* Isn't that appropriate?

I would really, really love to get a retractable over-dress, too, but would settle for a white hair-do and purple bodysuit.

I may have my own mom* make it, but I thought I'd look into other options first and see what was out there. In my budget.

Still beat. My neck feels like I've wrenched it, probably from sitting at the computer too long. Is it Friday? Already?

*Fortunately, my own mom is not an evil capitalist, and would not ask me to shove a squirrel in anything...

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