Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Hair and books and email and lots of stuff...

I'm thinking about bleaching my hair. Something drastic, something more wild and fun than my now-boring, predictable red-hair phases. This is as short as my hair's been since 6th grade - if I'm going to do something like this, now would be the time. I can dye it back to it's original color once roots start showing, or go red at that point, maybe? I dunno. I've heard horror stories about bleaching hair. Any thoughts?

Emails having the sixth hissy fit in seven days, and I'm beginning to get fed up with it. A few dozen more refreshes, maybe 20 minutes, and it will be fixed (if it's true to habit), but grr... not happy with having to go through that.

Thanks to everyone who filled out that last poll - you were wildly unhelpful in the category of suggesting pieces, and only proved that everyone finds something different to love in Ursula's work. I will continue as I've started, trying to get a little bit of everything in there. Hopefully, I'll get my part finished by the end of the week, then, once I've got print files and the intro revisions, I'll post the final cover layout and take preorders. I can't believe it's this late in May already. I turn 30 in 3 days, and it's a little panic-making. I will be offline all weekend, so I will escape the urge to ponder ceaselessly on how old and creaky I am in great gory detail on LJ, which would only serve to make my older friends smirk and my youngers ones wonder if I need a cane yet.

The backend of the new EMG-Zine site is *sweet.* It won't be ready for the June issue, but oh, man, am I loving this thing in a big way. I'm expecting an update on the print services backend today, too. I love watching this progress.

Gotta rip out a self-portrait and about a dozen orders today, plus an article and more pages for Ursula's book.

OH! I got a huge box from Dick Blick yesterday. GLEE. I got two shiny new sketchbooks, a whole pile of the Arches paper that I keep running out of for ACEOs (the blanks page has been updated), more Mi-Tientes paper (including a pad of JUST my favorite color!), heaps of scratchboard, three pens, and a pile of prismacolors that I can't buy individually up here. (Like white - the last three or four times I've gone hunting for white prismacolors, no one in town had any) I also got a framing point gun!! I'm still hunting for a good source for frame moulding strips, but I'm getting closer to being able to do my own frames from scratch. Yay!

Whelp, email is still down, and I'm frustrated. Going to go draw a bit. And try to find room for all this new paper... *sigh*

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