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And the art marches on!

This was one of the initial pieces in my Elfwood gallery - or something close to. I was so, incredibly proud of the texture on the rocks, and the detailing on the costume, that I was willing to overlook the fact that she looks ready to fall over backwards, and her face is a little warped.

I attempted to digitally color this during a computer class I took, but everyone may breathe a sigh of relief, as I don't seem to have that atrocity saved.

Another of my most popular EMG pieces. It was a suggestion - from whom, I've forgotten, but I don't think they meant it seriously anyway. I sketched and inked it at the fair on a cold, rainy day when there were few customers. I may have to work this into a larger piece someday - I'm constantly asked for prints of this, which sort of baffles me, because it's so unsuitable for a print. It's just funny. I guess people like funny.

This was the followup to my stationery design, because people begged me for cards of it, and, being long and skinny, it just wasn't going to work. I've done another version since this, and probably have six or seven more of them in me...

This is perhaps the most recent Solo I've done. Watercolors, but just on sketchbook paper, which crinkles like crazy. Biiiig eyes!

1999 was big, for me. At the first of the year, I put everything I'd need for 6 months of living into big old duffle bags and moved to Sweden to study at the Lulea Tekniska Universitet (Lulea Technical University) with Jake. That was the best move I've ever made. For one, I'd never done the college-away-from-parents thing because, although I didn't live at my parents house, it was a short walk from UAF, my business was mostly stored in their basement and hey - free laundry. So, this was a whole new world in that department, and we back-packed around Europe for 8 weeks after the semester was over. This was also the first time I went anywhere tropical - they have these awesome cheap flight packages to Mallorca and Canary Islands from Sweden, and wow was that decadent and wonderful! Me, Jake, three Aussies and a New Yorker rented a van and drove from Lulea into Norway, and then down the Lofoton islands. Some of the most gorgeous scenery you will ever see, and oh, the adventures. Someday, I will have to write about breaking into the student housing building, and skipping rocks in a half-frozen lake, and getting the van stuck, and all the crazy places we stayed...

The downside, I didn't do a lot of art.

The books in the library were mostly in Swedish, but they had a great selection of classical literature, so I read Lord of the Rings for the billionth time. This is Eowyn. I always loved her.

This was the postcard I designed when I came back to send out to my customers to let them know I was taking orders again... I didn't have a webpage or any email except yahoo at that point!

I love the concept of this piece. I want to do it in *gasp* color.

I needed a gift sort of card, because that's what people buy. It went awry, but people seem to like it.

This is the most heavily commented piece in my Elfwood gallery, undoubtedly because I asked a question - what do you see?

Most people see deeply symbolic things about masks and inner ugliness and bare souls and all kinds of things. Really, I drew it because I took a life drawing artclass, and the assignment was a self-portrait that also showed bones and muscles. It's actually a lot larger than this - There was a full moon behind her head, and I did a Rackman-style raspberry leaf border around the whole thing. I think it's a 16 x 20 - we had to do several big pieces for this class.

I got sucked back into ElfQuest this year - Rushwater Holt, to be exact. Another of the kind of fanclubs that I enjoy... 'zine style, with finished stories and forward moving timelines. I reluctantly adopted the only available character, thinking that he'd be a total drag to own. He had other plans. I blame him solely for getting me back into writing. Stinkfoot was the first thing I'd written in about three years. It is in dire need of editing (hellooooo POV), but you'll forgive me if I don't rush right out and do that...

Illustration for Stinkfoot.

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