Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Weekend report...

This weekend, I played Masters of Orion III most of Saturday - Jake got it for me for my birthday and gave it to me a week early because I was winging about not having any good games on my computer to veg out to... and on Sunday I got a bug up my butt and re-painted the house. Well, not entirely, but I finished the windows, and cleaned all of the walls and then painted over all the spots that wouldn't come clean. No more 'backboard mess' to the trash! No more scuff marks on the door! No more splash grossness above the sink! No more scrapes where the fireplace tools banged the wall. I once again have lovely *white* walls, and, after a very pathetic 20 months, the masking tape is off of the windows. We also cleaned down many things that hadn't been cleaned in waaaay too long, and swept thoroughly and discussed how to move the furniture around.

Email's having a(nother) hissy fit, and I have two pieces of art due by Wednesday, so I'm off to do that.

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