Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

My day...


Filled orders, organized t-shirts, put things away in the connex box, worked on the webpage, played with the new EMG-Zine backend and loooooved it, tried to drum up some more deadlines and events to put on the calendar and got distracted on unrelated things like places that want you to pay gobs of money for reading fees, and found my new career. I should be charging $85 per hour to advise people on their art careers. Honest to god, that's what this guy is doing... for phone consultation. I've already closed the window, or I'd link to it. I found it particularly odd that exactly none of his artwork showed up on the webpage advertising his services, though he claimed several awards and 'major' gallery shows.

I could make me sound that impressive, I bet. Charge $80 and hour to tell people to practice anatomy and draw from life, give them all the same info I hand out for free... Sure! Why not?

Beats flipping burgers.

Oh! I got ALL the remaining EMG designs up. If there are any more that still need to go up... I don't know about them. They mostly aren't online because artists haven't put them online, but they're there. My part is done.

I refuse to take submissions again until I have it more automated.

Oh - did this piece double-time for a client who wanted it for a birthday today. Fairly happy with it - rough around the edges, but cute and fun.

Um. All for now - have two big orders to get out tomorrow, and want to go watch mindless TV with the husband for a while. I hope my potato soup doesn't turn out horrible... I made so much I'll be eating it for days.

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