Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Comedy of Errors...

So, I got Wish3 books in last night... Volume 4 and half of Volume 5. Not half the order - each book was printed with just half the pages - issue 11 only. Hmm. I also requested that they use priority flat rate boxes, because they are easily the best deal, and... well, they used priority boxes, the same size as the flat rate boxes, but more than twice the shipping cost. Seeing as I haven't been invoiced for this yet, I intend to protest on several counts. I'll let you know what the printer says... I'm not looking forward to writing this email. I predict another silence in reply, and another hunt for someone to print for me again, but I'm willing to give him the chance.

In other news - GREEN! The leaves, misty green haze yesterday, are unfurling further, and it's deliciously warm and summery feeling. I love it. After a long winter, there's nothing like our break-neck springs.

Email seems not to be loading this morning. *frown*

Might be a sign to go do art first...

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