Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Productive day...

Got some EMG-Zine stuff done, and got a whole bag of orders out (literally!), ordered $400 in art supplies (but, but... I needed them, really!), and started a couple of larger orders to hopefully go out tomorrow. Paid off PA artists, and worked on commissions. Had a delicious hommade lunch, and don't feel the slightest guilty for not doing dishes, because we only have like a quart of water left in the whole house.

Not to be left behind, mother nature is out in full force today - today is greenup! I can actually watch the trees bud outside of my studio. Literally... this morning, you had to sort of squint and wonder if there were buds at the tops of those trees. Already this afternoon, there is a mist of green crowning every one of them, and the whole valley is turning green. Really green. It even smells green. The birds are happy, happy, happy.

Now, I'm off to tackle a magazine illo, take a stroll out to the little house, and see where that leaves me.

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