Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Tasty Bits

Changed the battery in the car last night, which I can tell you is not particularly fun at 10 below. (that's -23 C) However, it was fun to work with my hands again; I miss the machine shop sometimes. Hardest part was trying to be gentle with all of the wires because they were stiff and unwieldy and brittle at that temperature. That, and trying to wrestle the old battery out. Those suckers are heavy, and Subarus are made for tiny hands that aren't wearing thick gloves.

Car started very nicely today. Had to reprogram all of the radio channels.

Gette, Linda and Gretchen, your packages didn't get mailed yesterday because I didn't have customs forms. *sigh* Maybe today.

Interesting hack job on the Woodworks Forum. Someone has too much time on their hands. I find the replacement forums lacking in creativity and rather… mmm… crude in their vulgarity. I wish someone with a larger vocabulary had bothered to do the hacking. Geez, if you're going to try to piss someone off and be a jerk, you may as well do it with some style or at least a passing attempt at something funny. The words 'condom,' 'asses' and 'sex' are not humorous by default, but in context. And not this context, particularly.

More than disgusted by the usual Elfwood politicking. Glad I haven't got the time to be a Mod… I'd have had to speak my mind by now, and it probably wouldn't be pretty. Refraining from EWRanting.

House still working nicely, although we do have to string an extension cord through the window to plug in the car. Got to get John out to wire in one of the exterior plugs.

A random thought on friends… I've decided that I like picky people. Jake is the most demanding, particular person I've ever met, and I married him. Whitney is one of the first people who took a decent story of mine and said 'well yes, but it could be better and here's how.' Jennie is wonderful about fussy details and how to make okay work into great work. I like that trait.

That's my rambling for now. :)
Tags: elfwood, fixing cars, woodworks

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