Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!!

It's sunny and blue, and there are birds singing their hearts out in the trees outside my studio.

I have one order to fill, 10 or more EMG designs to get up, and then art to do, plus a couple of sinfully fun projects (oh, gee, I have to go through Ursula's webpage and pick out artwork... woe, woe, woe...). Nephew ferrying this afternoon, and some shopping/running around, and then gaming tonight.

I've* almost got the wholesale cart at EMG integrated. Going to save me a heap of time.

On that note! If you know of any local spiritual, new age, fantasy, gaming, etc. shops in your area that EMG's stuff would be just a perfect fit in, email me their address. I'll send 'em a postcard and try to woo them into shopping with me. If you want to spend some time with your local phone book and send me a whole list of addresses, be sure to give me your address, too, and I'll send you a little goodie bag.

*Which in this case is mostly Janet...

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