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Happy House Rambles and otherstuff

I love living at our house. No plumbing, no problem.

Our fridge is a 3 1/2 gallon bucket lowered into the basement on a rope. (The milk is on its own rope) Our kitchen is built out of 2x4s, but the top is laquered really nicely, and it has a backsplash and pretty shelves, and a microwave, a toaster oven, a two-burner gas range, and a jug of water. We unpacked our kitchen table from the connex box, and we have the TV, DVD and stereo all hooked up together on some sawhorses, nicely covered with an extra top sheet. Yay for Fellowship in stereo!!!

No computer out there, but the phone and answering machine are all hooked up. Bedroom isn't private, but it's not like we entertain much...

The woodstove meets all of our expectations, and holds fire well over 10 hours without trouble. And it's so pretty and cheerful! I love wood heat. We're getting the monitor installed on Thursday, so we won't have to take so much time chopping wood and such, but I'll bet we use the stove a lot anyway.

It's gorgeous and quiet out on the land, now that we've finally gotten some more snow. I'm so happy and content being out there. And I've had art time, without the evil call of computer addictions. Finished three or four new pencil pieces for the Project. Yay!

Printing calendar pages for the RWH Calendar, but the printer's being frustratingly slow. Also, it munched on a few sheets of the matte/glossy paper, so no one's going to get a complete nice-paper calendar. *grumbles* I'll have to substitute in the regular stuff for some of the pages. Sent out the others some time ago, and hope they haven't gotten lost.

Have one more order to finish and package, and I've got a clean plate to start doing artist-pay on New Year's Day. Fortunately, there's football on, so I should have some business time. :P Supposing we've already got the sheetrock* up for monitor installation on Thursday.

(*sheetrock: gypsum board, gypsum wallboard: basically a pressed 4 foot by 8 foot sheet of compressed plaster, typical new house interior wall finish, largely fireproof. All seams are 'taped' and 'mudded', which is messy, goopy work and I'm glad we're paying someone else to do that!!! We'll have sheetrocked walls and ceilings downstairs, which is where all of our firehazards are. Upstairs we're planning pale birch siding on walls and ceilings. Floor finishes are still up in the air, but wooden or immitation slate are at the top of the list.)

Very excited about new EMG webformat... and I'm looking forward to going through new work. I love adding new things. Of course, that's always accompanied by my *least* favorite job, which is telling people I can't use any of their submissions. Mustn't think of that part yet.

My Dad's working on a database for me... he has way too much fun with Visual Basic, and he's building it in Excel, customized to my needs. I'm hoping it will save me some of my anticipated New Years headaches. And geez, I hope I have respectable paychecks to send My Artists. I hate sending out $2 checks. But I haven't done any advertising this year, no Christmas bazaars or conventions, only event I did was the fair (thanks principally to Jennie), and, well, the economy's in a slump. Sales haven't been hot, not hot enough to warrant any days off of work. Between my $400 order for ink and paying artists and Elfwood, I'll wipe out the checking account pretty nicely. *glares at pile of Elfwood T-shirts and stomps off muttering about tied up capital*

Anyways, must go and finish that last order. Tonight, must sweep floors at house and scoop out the catbox. Cat hair and dust accumulate quite quickly.
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