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Another exciting episode from the year four billion BC!

Most momentous for EMG, I began to offer cards this year. They were not great cards. They were xerox copied onto grey flecked cardstock that matched my stationery. Stunningly, these were in COLOR ink... spot color at the local copymart was relatively affordable. (Unlike, of course, full color.) I actually offered postcards before greeting cards. I may still have a few copies kicking around in my files somewhere. They weren't that impressive, but they were fun!

Keep in mind that only the linework was released at this point...

This was custom stationery I designed for a client.

Stationery design. One of my favorites for a long while.

More stationery. I think the mask was published in some small press.

This was from the last issue of our Holt newsletter/'zine thing.

As above. Sort of a progression of the character.

Ahhhh! Can't draw horses!! An illo for Golden Grove, a Valdemar fanzine.

Another piece I was particularly pleased with. Again, I wasn't particularly into horror/vampires myself, but I knew a lot of little zines wanted the stuff.

One of my early forays into fur.

Don't know that I did anything with this one.

I really dug that spirit-y, double-image, melding subjects kinds of thing. Still do, really. This was an illustration for a small press story, but I really wasn't happy with the face...

...so I did it again.

Volurgin Scroll was this awesome 'competition' small press thing. The premise was two competing kingdoms searching for 12 (?) magic stones. Members wrote stories of the finding of the stones based on a prompt, and whichever side turned in the better story, won the stone. I wrote two or three stories for it, I think one won. Short little issues, just a few xeroxed pages, but good stuff!

Headers. Sadly, I don't think that the project made it through all the stones.

I've always loved dryads.

The winter before I met Jake, he spent trapping out in Delta. He tells the craziest true stories about snowmachines falling through the ice, and having to walk 40 miles in snowshoes and throwing snowballs at lynx. He was staying with a couple named Gardener, and we laughed about making t-shirts that said 'I survived the Richard Gardener school of Trapping.'

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