Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

My cold drugs are wearing off again

The symptoms have been largely masked, thanks to modern chemicals, but the last round is beginning to wear off, and I can't quite shake the tireds. I'm glad I don't have to do this often, too much cold medicine makes me feel sort of unclean, and it doesn't make me feel well, just takes care of some of the irritant.

Jennie's bellydancing show was great, and I may twist her arm to post the videos I took.

Putting stuff up on the new page, and trying to decide what to do about fiction. The articles I've been viciously editing - up-to-date links, edits for content, edits for flow, stylistic choices. (Though there's still one ending in the bunch that makes me cringe. Sadly, I couldn't think of a better one, and one is better than none - arguably, anyway.)

But fiction... it feels like cheating to edit the fiction. It's like a snapshot of my past, more like those silly archives I've been putting togethers. (Gah, still have to finish scanning 95. :P) It would be somehow wrong to edit them, even though some of the passages make me cringe, and there are little niggly things that would be so easy to smooth out. It should show the era of my life in which they were written. But is my page more to show off what I am, or what I was? Is this one of those journey or the station questions? I'm way too muzzy-headed for this tonight.

Maybe I'll just put not edited on 'em. Or edit them, and mark that they've been edited. (But that might take a while, and I want to get this up by Monday. Remind me to follow up on my interview...)

Geez'm, EMG-Zine's gotta get up by Monday, too, and I'm woefully behind on that, too. Maybe I can get some time in tomorrow during hockey. If I'm not sleeping.

Speaking of, I think I shall go and sleep now.

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