Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Oh, definitely better.

It's amazing how much rosier one's outlook is when one is not trying to ignore horrible, horrible pain.

I got a 1 hour massage yesterday, and my neck made terrible noises when cracked afterwards. Lower back made some noises, midback did a series of Cr-Cr-CRR things, and today I feel vaguely mangled but have all of my mobility back and my headache is finally, finally gone. I didn't realize a) how long it have been since my last chiro appointment and b) how badly I was hurting. *hugs everyone* I'm sorry if I've been grumpy or whiny with everyone.

Got more good news, but am holding my tongue on that for now - I don't want to jinx anything yet.

Wrote a few overdue letters that I've been putting off, and that weren't as bad to write as I'd feared.

Finished my interview - just want to give it another readthrough for typos and clarity and it's off, too.

Picked up a check for artwork yesterday, and am not feeling so desperately poor. Client wants to discuss a rather larger and lengthier project in a few weeks. :)

Time for a list!

Today and Tomorrow:

~Write Ark review and send to Gette
~Orders - 2 today
~Finish adding all work to my new site - getting there
~Work on Seasonal Fairy
~Work on Nurias
~Keep on top of emails
~Add new EMG designs
~29th - Bellydancing show and help Mia and Jeffrey move
~Launch new personal site on the 1st.
~Finish Nurias
~Finish Arduluth
~Finish 1 Seasonal Fairy
~Finish EMG-Zine May
~Finish Present Tense, Positive
~Matt and frame polar bear prints. (ah, next month...)

Is is cheating to use my new webpage background for EMG-Zine May? The theme is space, and I love it, and can't imagine managing to make something better... (step into my LJ to see it)

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