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Tremco is exactly as bad as everything you may ever have heard about it.

Tremco, ie black death, ie acoustical sealant, is the stickiest damn stuff that mankind has ever created, rivaling any mystery cafeteria goo ever. It does not dry. It reels off in great stringy boogers that stick to everything, including hands, plastic, wood, clothing, anything you may not want it on. The only remediation is mineral spirits, and in great desperation, covering the entire sludge with sawdust to remove its sticky properties.

It creeps, it oozes through staple holes, it clings to plastic when it isn't where it's supposed to be. It is ugly, and it stinks. It's viscous enough that squeezing it out of the gun is a serious workout, and comes in great big tubes that get Very Heavy after you have been standing on a ladder squeezing above your head for a few hours. (That, and I'm a pencil-armed wimp, but that's not the point.)

That said, and the many Tremco battles having been fought this weekend, we have vapor barriered the entire upstairs!!! Yay!!!

We are moving in either on Christmas eve or on Christmas day. We're not going to unload the entire connex box and unpack or anything, because the inside isn't finished yet, but we will set up our stereo and TV and have a bed and dressers (which will be a vast improvement over piles of clothes on my parents piano that the cat feels free to sleep in and knock off). No running water yet.

The plan of attack is to vapor barrier downstairs, finish insulating the floors where needed, sheetrock one corner, install the Monitor into that corner (no more wood heat only!), put basic plumbing in, hire the rest of the downstairs sheet-rocked, install kitchen and bathroom, move downstairs, finish the upstairs (including reframing two windows), move back upstairs, die.

Well, hopefully not the last, of course!
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