Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

1994 part 3; The Business.

I got my first business stamp - an address block with my art. Of course, I proceeded to use a whole sketchbook page testing it. :P

This was stationery for a couple of years.

This one lasted even longer. Look! Dots!!

And more dots! This was part of a series of stationery - this was back when I had a monthly stationery program (package of stationery in the mail every month!), and each package came with a little short story about the myth behind the artwork. It was too time-consuming to maintain at the time, but I'm considering more programs like this...

More of that series.

And more!


Now, technically this isn't paid work, but it was small press, and I did get advertisement space in the 'zine I did this for. So, close enough.

This was my first paid commission. I did two pages of sketches, sent xeroxes by snail mail, and forked over a final copy in ink. I think that I charged a whopping $18 for the whole thing, and felt like I was overcharging.

Second pages of sketches. I don't seem to have a copy of the final, anymore.

She was happy enough to commission custom stationery. :) I have no idea what I charged for that.

Next time, stuff I did Just For Me. And I think that will finish off 1994.

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