Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

1994 pt 2; Fandoms

Another combination Queen's Own and Elfquest entry.

More borders! More filler art for the offshoot 'zines.

I'd call this a commission, but I don't think I got paid for it!

Romantic Calliste/Tolnam work.

This was a penpals herald character. I think.

One of my favorite Valdemar pieces. My character, Calliste.

I had toyed with the idea of making a character based on... *snaps fingers*... not Shin'a'in... what was the other Lackey group? Birdpeople... my brain is failing. Tayledras!


Playing with technique. I think I actually pulled the color scheme off of a Calvin and Hobbes color comic.

The caves below the tunnel system our Holt occupied. Watercolor, or watercolor pencil, but just on sketchpaper.

I have no idea whose character this was!

Nightfire, my good friend Raina's SRH character. This pose is shamelessly lifted from the Role Playing game.

A group picture. This sucker is 11 x 14, and contains every major and several minor members of the Holt.

What the heck was his name, Jeremy?

I wasn't sure what to do with Solo, once I'd gotten her to Shattered Rivers. So I did whenever I run out of other creative plot fodder: give them a romantic complication! This was about the time I realized the Holt wasn't going to stay together.

There was a second page, but apparently I didn't scan it.

*looks blank* I have no idea who Wildwind was. Apparently I drew her. I think Shattered Rivers is largely responsible for my fascination with waterfalls.

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