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Decisions, decisions...

I want to go here. Boy-o, do I want to go.

Jake and I are planning to take a vacation this spring, and we were thinking about Mexico. We don't have the leave time to do both, of course, so it becomes a great conundrum in my head. Sand and ruins and sun? Or matchless music? Tropical-type relaxation? Or big city, endless-fun-party-vacation? I'm rather inclined towards Mexico, because I'm not exactly a 'party' person, and I'm not sure I'd get any art time in New Orleans. But all that wonderful music… Oy. We'd also have friends to go to New Orleans with, because Matt and Nicki plan to go. (Nicki's mom lives in the area. Or at least in the state, and in the lower 48, within a state is pretty much 'in the area.')

*eyes various acquaintances, friends and interesting people* Any of you folks live in either of these areas? Has anyone been to this jazzfest? Been to Mexico? What's your advice?
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