Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Another Thursday and ow.

Ow. I fell on the path to the outhouse yesterday - it's finally feeling spring-ish, and everything's melting and then freezing. Gah. Fortunately, it was a *fast* fall - just legs out from underneath. Slower falls are worse because I have time to twist. Still hurting - my knee started purpling last night, and my shoulder and wrist have minor aches. I iced the knee, and think that helped tremendously. My hip hurts, but not like it could be. I feel lucky but whiney. :P

Off to draw now before I get sucked into site and coloring book stuff.


~Send NMOF review to Gette
~Order (1)
~Scan and input Seasonal Fairy for coloring
~Work on Nurias
~Sketch Arduluth
~Wallpapers to Deb, EMG-Zine and mine...
~NEW SITE JOY! Play with styles and graphics... GLEE.
~Make ad(s) for new LJ adserver
~Wholesale email
~Adventurers cover?
~Mail contract
~Mail checks (2)

This Week:

~Write Ark review and send to Gette
~Finish Adventurers compilation and upload to printer
~Re-do rough of Arduluth
~Update ACEOs page when new stock gets in
~Finish adding all work to my new site
~Work on Seasonal Fairy
~Keep on top of emails
~Add new EMG designs, nag artists who haven't got contracts in
~29th - Bellydancing show and help Mia and Jeffrey move

This Month:

~Launch new site(s!)?
~Finish Nurias
~Finish Arduluth
~Finish 1 Seasonal Fairy
~Finish EMG-Zine May
~Finish Present Tense, Positive
~Matt and frame polar bear prints.
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