Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

1994 Part 1; Moonlight Masquerade

So, Moonlight Masquerade, as previously mentioned, was this awesome small-press publication. Really well done for it's time and size, big 8.5 x 11, folded staple-bound style, the initial several issues had several color pages. Nicely put together with a lot of love and dedication. We didn't get paid anything to do artwork or stories for it, not even free copies, but I'm not sniffling. (One of these days I'll finish up that Free Art rant I've got stashed here...)

Heh. Okay, utter humiliation time! After a few back-and-forths in which I dumped a lot of artwork on poor Nicole, she asked me to be a featured artist. Wahoo! Joy! Wee! Of course, I didn't have a lot of colored work, and for these issues, the featured artist got two color plates. This was one of mine. I wish, as with the other plate (below), that I could blame poor copying on how awful they looked, but really, I didn't know contrast from a hole in the wall, and my control of the media was horrid. The anatomy is weird (in both), and it's... just not the hottest work ever done. Still, I felt pretty good about myself! My work held up pretty well next to the other artists in the issues I'd seen. Until I got the issue *before* I was to be the featured artist. That feature artist was Stephanie Law, and her work was *gorgeous* and reproduced well and made me want to smash my paints. I didn't, but I looked at the issue following (where I was featured) and felt a little small and weak. I was also fairly motivated to work more on the glaring errors I saw in everything... Acrylic on board.

Yes, this is the other color plate. Ugh. Acrylic in my sketchbook. I didn't know better.

One of the ink pieces for my featured issue.

Another, but the original was in pencil.

I don't know if you can read that little title, but it's "In Pursuit of the Mandantory Mysterious Maiden." Not part of 'my' issue, but little filler art elsewhere.

I started this piece for a color plate - figured a poem would go in that blank area, but the color was too expensive to maintain, and MM went b&w only shortly after. I also wasn't quite happy with it. Hence the not finished-ness of it. Prismacolors.

I'm old and don't remember if this was a MM illustration or one of the other, much smaller presses I did work for.

I don't know if this was ever printed in MM or not - I'm pretty sure I did it for them. Water damage at the bottom there. :(


I sent in dozens of these border and filler art type things. You can see, I hope, that I've worked on refining my inking skills...

1994 will probably take the rest of the week. I haven't even finished scanning it. :P

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