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In 1990, I would have been graduating from middle school and going into high school. This was the summer I found out I needed eye surgery, and ended up spending a week in the hospital for what was supposed to be out-patient surgery. I see fine now (corrected by contacts or glasses), and have a schleral buckle around my right eye holding it together. Which reminds me that it's probably about time for another appointment! In the meantime, we have art which may or may not cause a need for your own eye surgery:

Started playing more with foreground and background, and action. Oh, and angst. I had plenty of angst to spread around in my sketchbooks. (Who doesn't, in middle school?)

I did some stuff in color. Most of it scans like crap, because I was using cheap pencils on poor paper and knew as much about contrast as nobody. Note the clever hair which covers the eye I couldn't get symmetrical, and the continued avoidance of feet and hands.

I thought this piece was so spiffy I made a dozen copies of it and gave it to my friends. Copies by hand, not xerox copies.

More color play. I have a number of landscapes along these lines that I didn't bother scanning. (Seriously, these pictures are like 2% of the work I actually have - I wouldn't bore you with all of it!)

One of my earliest dragons. I have a much, much older piece (that I couldn't find to scan) which has a princess looking offscreen, and a note that 'there's a dragon over there,' which was how I had previously dealt with the subject.

This is an illustration to the book I was writing at the time, very creatively named 'DragonEyes' and so full of drivel and crap that you will never see ANY of it. Thank heavens I wasn't hooked up to the Internet at the time, or I'm sure the way back machine'd have horribly embarrassing evidence of it. I think I wrote more than 300 pages on that sucker.

Similar dragon - I tried this subject twice, and may do it again.

I often designed stories and books that never made it any further than a cover design.

I loved fairy tales, and still do. By this point, I had read all of the colored fairy tale books several times, I owned a complete translation of the brothers Grimm, and I had several 'fairy tales of the world' books. I like fairy tales way, WAY better than I like fairies. All those curses and betrayal and good versus evil and romance! Joy!

I was also starting to stretch into sci fi at this point.

I can't decide if I'm missing a sketchbook for 1991, or if I just didn't draw as much. I was pretty active in drama and other stuff at that point, so it's possible I just didn't have time. I'll have just two scans for that year. So far...

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