Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Just a note that about half... maybe more... of my EMG designs are going away in the next week or so; most of the stationery, single-color cards and bookmarks, in particular. If there's something you've been thinking about, this may well be your last chance:


It's just looking too dated!

I'm putting together a progress page showing my progression over the last several years - inspired by Michele-lee's recent post and the forum at FAE. I'll tell you, it makes me feel old and somewhat stagnant... some of the threads, and Michele's progress in particular, show this incredible progression of talent and skill in such a remarkably short time. I've made progress, yes, but it's spread out over 13 years, not 13 months. I feel slow and untalented. Stubborn, yes, and better, yes, but not as much better as I ought to be for the years I've put into this. If I were going at their rate, I should be da Vinci by now!! I have excellent excuses for not being terribly far along (EMG, day job until recently, built a house, got a degree in engineering), but as Ursula says in next month's EMG-Zine, I have never seen anybody listed in an art history book for the quality of their excuses.

I'd feel worse about my rant on the EMG boards scolding people for not participating in the boot camps - except that complaining actually made people go do the projects, and honestly, I've been sorely frustrated with it. Weeks and weeks of just my scribbles. I can do my own private exercises, no need to embarrass myself and spend time organizing these things if no one else wants to play along, so pff. I feel only marginally bad. In fact, I don't feel really bad for the scolding - I only feel bad for not appreciating as much as I should... most of the artists who replied are already very active in the forums, and it wasn't *really* them that I was aiming at. And sometimes you just need a good little hissy fit.

Wouldn't it be nice if there were ways to learn lessons that didn't involve doing stuff spectacularly and regretably wrong? Ah well... live and learn!

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