Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Okay computer geeks!

You know who you are...

Reformat successful! Installation successful! Second drive seems all peachy!

I have two questions/pleas for help

A) Windows XP service pack 2. Please tell me there is a place and/or way to download this without installing the current version of IE like they claim at the M$ site? If so, where? I have no desire to install that crap on my laptop.

B) Windows XP requires this retarded Internet verification or it disables in 30 days. Fine and well, but the computer I just installed it on has no connection to the Internet. Nor do I EVER intend to give it one. That's my print server. It talks to the printers. That's all I plan for it to do. EVER. Anyone know a workaround??

Edit - I win, I win! Windows is verified. Both printers run. (Tho' alas, I've only got one high-speed USB port, so I'll have to switch 'em around, or suffer slowness on one... might need to take this sucker to the shop and get a new USB port or three and some new RAM at the same time.) Photoshop 7 works great, all my files are there, the Card Reader reads (no more CDs to transfer files! Yay for 1 Gig smart cards!), and life is GOOD.

I win!

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