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I am very chuffed with myself over how many people I was able to fool. I'd been planning to do this for a week or so now, and it was very hard staying off of livejournal, because I knew that I'd shoot any credibility the prank had if I was posting day-to-day stuff, and the work I was putting into the business plan and all that hoo-haw. I take terrible glee from the many AUGH and 'You got me!' notes, and the threats of beatings, though I do apologize to anyone who had more than a moment of panic. Yes, I AM a stinker. I am proud of my stinkerness. I am fully aware I will never be able to pull this again, so allow me my moment of ego, here.

Lots of catchup to do, and I'm not sure how much will be done tonight, 'cause I just stuffed myself with homemade sourdough pesto and chicken and spinach pizza with black olives and oinions and toasted italian bread on the side with a mixed green salad smothered in creamy basil ranch dressing and topped with yummy croutons. Sooooo fullllll... food coma imminent...

I'll work backwards and see how far I get.

Went to the Empty Bowl fundraiser with Melody this afternoon and splurged on two bowls in a size we didn't have and a third from the .50 rack that I just liked. The Empty Bowl fundraiser is thus: potters in the community donate bowls... and there were some nice vases and other things, too. There's a silent auction for the super nice stuff (none of which I could afford, of course!) and several tables in each price range filled with Really Nice local pottery. Good stuff - I was honestly expecting several tables of the 'unteachable student' variety, but these were nice bowls - evenly thrown, good glazing, no cracks or gross things... just nice stuff. Mostly smaller than soup bowls, but we got there late; there may have been more available in the morning. All the proceeds went to the local food bank.

Jennie came over this evening to eat with us and do boot camp, and we inventoried t-shirts. I need to order more soon. Next week, Melody is cooking us oriental food - she's taking a class in it. :)

I am April's FAE artist spotlight! Read my interview here. :) It was really fun to do.

I have filled up another sketchbook, and finished the pencil piece I was working on. I absolutely love it - one of my best, I think, but it scans like poo. Doesn't help that I'm using a $20 (with shipping!) Dell POC, but pencils in general are so difficult to capture. I am very, very tempted to turn it into a much larger digital piece. It's got definite potential.

SBDC was very, very impressed with my business plan, and really awed by my ideas and the experience I brought to the table. I am proceding forward with a couple of plans right at the moment, most critical is going to be incorporating so I can get a business loan. I need the capital to get books and calendars published. I just can't get competitive pricing doing it run by run, or in small runs, or any of the other ways I've turned it upside down and looked at it. SBDC was pretty gung-ho about pursuing a home equity loan rather than a commercial loan, because it is 'such a small amount*' and because the rates would be better. But gah... Jake and I just HATE how much debt we have now. It's paltry compared to lots and lots of people - we own both of our vehicles, and more than half the value of our house, but we still have student loans and it's not like our day to day expenses are that cheap. Should something unfortunate happen with the business, it would be nice not to lose our own investments. My precious house and land! I've literally got blood and sweat and tears in this sucker, and I can't tell you the joy it gives me. I'm a woman. I like to nest. Get your grubby paws off my house.

Speaking of being a woman, I turn 30 this year. I keep coming back to this with a combination of awe and horror and surprise. When the heck did this happen? I feel really old and really young by turns. Conversations about kids keep coming up... and they make me turn white and sort of shake on the one hand, and on the other, feel less far off and impossible. I still think of myself as 17 and in need of a cosign on legal papers...

Emails out the nose to answer, but hey, that's nothing new.

The ACEO Blanks page has been updated with the watercolor blocks, and coldpress and canvas are back in stock. Of course, I ran out of Bristol. Still need to order that.

Also, Selina generously passed the URL fantasyartezine.com over to EMG-Zine since she wasn't using it anymore. Isn't that an *awesome* URL? I win.

Print Service pricing is going up, just so you're warned. But of course, everyone read the news in EMG-Zine, so they already knew that. I like to give lots of warning on these things because I hate raising prices so much.

By this point next month, I'm really, really hoping to be able to announce the opening of the print services storefronts... think Cafepress or Zazzle - but EMG-style. Be afraid! Or eager, or something. I'm going to start up a few threads in the EMG forum on the subject, so if you've got a wishlist, bring it on in.

I'm spending a little of my recent commission money on a new website of my own, as designed by the fabulous marrael. Sure, I can do some of my own coding - emphasis on the some - but I'm slow as snails with corns, and sort of clumsy and backwards at it. I'd need to learn a lot before I was comfortable with it and could make it do what I want without breaking it three times first, and frankly, I haven't got the time. I can delegate. Eventually. It's more efficient for me to do artwork for money and pay other people to do the coding for me. MUCH more efficient. And I'm not (quite) so monkey-fingered that I can't fix and customize the sucker once I've got it. Tweaking code, I can do. It's just generating it that makes me pull my hair out.

So YES, Zumfairie, I will have prints available soonish. I'm putting a couple of my recent pieces out as LEs in the sort of lame distant thought that maybe I will do the convention thing. I've sucked (hard!) at it so far, but the economy is rotten and I haven't given it much of a try. I'm willing to entertain the thought of it again, anyway.

Though it has given me much buyers remorse because my budget is SO tight right now, my new toy is WONDERFUL. It's the guillotine paper cutter I've been whining about needing for five or more years, and it works just amazingly well... it'll cut through an ENTIRE block of Arches coldpress paper at once. Like butter. I loves it. It's exactly what I needed, and putting it together (some assembly required) was an enormous amount of fun. I love working with my hands.

Okay, I'm done blathering for now. I know I had more, but it's poof!

*Apparently, anything less than 50K is paltry and fairy snort worthy.

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