Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Having brilliantly, temporarily forgotten to filter an artwork WIP post, it did at least remind me that it's been a while since I asked if anyone wanted to be on it. And also, it reminded me that I don't think I added people from last time I asked.

So! If you would like to be on the art WIP filter, it's not awfully busy, I lj-cut everything, and you must promise not to share the work, since some of it's commissioned, or for PA, etc.

You aren't on the filter if you can't see the post of just a while ago with two WIP commissioned pieces. Not the ears, those are public. There's a post since the ears with two pieces in it.

If you'd like to be on the filter, repeat after me (in the comments): I agree not to share anything I see in the filter. Please add me.

Or something real similar to that.

I've got a writing WIP, too, if you'd like to be on that, though I haven't posted to it in a dogs age.

I STILL haven't used the TMI filter I set up. :P Got cold feet and have kept everything private.
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