Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


So... first point: I hate phones. This appears to be a girl-geek feature. Every girl I know who also falls (usually willingly and self-diagnosed) into the geek category also hates phones. Whether this is a knee-jerk reaction to the girly-girl stereotype of gossipy, phone-toting girls, or something else is moot. Just an interesting observation.

Second: I do, with increasing frequency, get asked for a phone number to call. Usually for print services, but sometimes for EMG artist stuff, or various other things.

See point one. I HATE phones. I can feel my IQ dropping to my toes when I pick up a receiver.

I've gotten away, thus far, with a brush-off: 'I work at home and don't give that number out.' But it does give me pause. Do I tarnish my professional veneer by NOT having a business phone? Do people feel more secure having someone to call and talk to? Have I lost business by not being a 'phone person?'

I'm considering looking into getting a number and answering service, but a) shudder at the cost and b) HATE PHONES.

What do you think?
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