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Things I have already committed to:

+RWH Tarot Cards. MUST get these finished. I've been sitting on these waaaay too long. And I think they'll be fun, once I get more than two hours in a row to sit down and DO them.
+Wendy's logos. *smacks head* These need finished. Egads... these need finished.
+EMG. What, you think that's not an on-going commitment? I have artists to pay, it's nearly yearsend! I have a dozen orders to send out! I got some webpages updated this week, which is an amazing feat, so that's a plus.
+House. Hel-lo. We finished insulation, but still have to vapor barrier (this weekend!) before we can move in. We still have the plumbing to do, and insulating the rims, and setting up a temporary kitchen and bathroom, and a complete vacuum for insulation fibers.

Projects I want to do:

+The Project with Jennie. Very much. Terribly excited. I loved the siteplan you sent, Jennie!
+The Project with Lisa. Much possibility here. It's been on the backburner for sometime, but I haven't really lost sight of it, just trying to work it into the existing components.
+Torn World. I'd really like to make it a fun, publishable, shared-world playground. I have a dozen stories to write and/or finish. I have daydreams of seeing the books, with all the pretty illustrations and stories.
+The Studio. I want to build a studio. It has to be big, because I want many printers and scanners and light-tables and cutters and laminaters and other whirring toys, eventually. It has to be efficient and beautiful and functional and friendly.
+The idea being bandied about elfwood regarding trading cards. (Though to be honest, this one scares me, and I'm not going to pursue it any further than I have. They know where I am.)
+The card game (tentatively titled Fate) that I've been working out in my head for a few years now, but have no art or writing for.

Questions these lists leave me with:

+Where's the love and romance? I have a wonderful, handsome, funny man at my side who deserves some attention once in a while. (He gets a raw deal in my lj... he really does, the poor guy.) I don't spend enough time cultivating what really does equate to the best thing in my life.
+Couldn't all of these projects really be called EMG? It's the business that ate Ellen.
+What's up with people that claim 'there's nothing to do?' No energy to do things, no time, sure. But 'there's nothing to do?!'
+Am I nuts?

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