Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Monday monday MONDAY!

Got a lot of work to do today, and need a list:

Today and tomorrow:
Express print order
Other print order
ACEO bag order
ACEO+ order(s)
Card order - 1 more
Shirt for Nedda
Find ears
Stash boxes from show
Paint on commission
Paper for Kelly (sorry it's late!)
Invoice ears illos
Get 40 EMG designs up - didn't get ANY up last week! Ah! (20 down!)
taxes/business plan - need rough draft by Monday to email to SBA director
Get the rest of the EMG-Zine stuff to Ciri
Nephew (Tues)
Gaming (Tues)

This week:
Start compiling Ursula's calendar
Finish pdf of Fishbowls
Finish commission
Finish taxes/business plan

I have at least gotten the preliminary taxes done - we get a pretty hefty return, actually. EMG did not exactly get rich last year, and Jake didn't change his withholdings when I quit my job.

The show went okay - I'm exhausted, and my arms hurt, and all my smile muscles are tired. Lots and lots of people remembered me (or at least my stuff) from the fair and spent time flipping through the prints, etc. Definitely wasn't the buying kind of crowd that we see during the holidays, but still a good crowd. Made back the booth fee plus. Melissa's fuzzy ears were a hit - I'll post photos of them in a bit here. Will definitely be purchasing more to take to Dragon*Con and the fair.

WAY behind on emails. >.

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