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Best Husband Ever.

I really do have the best husband. He hasn't complained that I wasn't able to 'make it' my first year of freelance, and whenever I'm feeling down, he notices, and hunts me up, and rubs my back and fetches the heavy boxes I'm too proud to ask him to get and scolds me for not taking care of myself and lets me vent about my stress and pain and pride and stupid setbacks and tells me I'm the best thing in the world and gives me hugs. I don't write much about him - in general I avoid writing specifics about anyone, but he's such a huge part of my life. *clings*

I wrote a mopy, whining post earlier, but kept it private, and anyway, now I feel much better.

About to take some Doan's and head to bed. Big day tomorrow. Relatively short event, compared to the fair - heck, it's only a 9 hour day, all total, and only two days in a row, and I set up most of the booth already, and don't have much left to do for tomorrow. I love shows, I do. Doing them, at least. I could do without the setup and panicky last minute stress. I will have nightmares tonight about forgetting important things, like my clothing, or my cash box. I will wake up and worry that I have made all the wrong products, and forgotten something that will make the difference between a great show and a flop. Stop being stupid, brain!

To bed! I ramble hopelessly!
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