Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Muuuust have break...

Printing and printing and drawing and taxes, oh my!

I've got half dozen prints matted to 16 x 20, and maybe a dozen little matted cards done, and a billion mousepads and t-shirts and cards still to make.

I could just scream at Dateline... I sent Matt to get my paper cut in half (he was going to be right there anyway...) and they ruined my paper. $32 worth of paper, miscut. They can't even do a $1 job right! So fed up with them. I gotta find another place in town with one of those big guillotine cutters to get my cardstock cut with. That was the last of my card paper, too. RARGH!

I need a snack. And a hug. And a stiff drink.

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