Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I was written into an Anne McCaffrey book. I was reading along, all unsuspecting, and ran across a casual note that E. Million from Alaska had given birth to a little girl. It was fiction, but I still do an understandable jaw drop, show it to Jake and then flip to the inscription in the front of the book. There I am: a grateful thank you to Ellen Million for her hospitality when Anne was visiting Alaska, in with a list of other credits and thank-yous.

Wait a second, I think. When did Anne McCaffrey visit me?

Then I woke up. Oh, right… a dream. Of course. Puzzled me more than a moment, because I almost always know that I'm dreaming when I am.

Fell back asleep and had weird, crazy dreams about her visit to a cabin we haven't built yet, and she looked about half a century younger than I picture her in my head, and I think it was Jane Yolen who was traveling with her. At some point we were taking a sauna together, and there was a fuzzy bit with a bench on a hill.


I have new art in snowunicorn. Well, it's updated art, anyway.

ARTISTS!!! I have new guidelines up, and I will begin sifting through new work at the beginning of the new year. Do let me know if you have any opinions on the electronic submissions method. I'm not entirely pleased with it, and welcome better ideas.
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