Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


For the Day:
Get Camilla's package together (mostly done!) - stalled waiting on paper order, should be here today
Mail teensy watercolor pads
Finish card order
Press mousepads
Sketches for J.
Discuss Netflix commission #4 with client
Catch up on most important emails (sort of...)
Work on dragons/elf portrait
Work on business plan - today work out taxes and find old taxes
Get large print order out with remainder invoice - second half
10 designs up
Nephew ferrying
Sketch for Journeys contest

For the Week
10 entries up everyday
Print order for Makindu auction - printed, holding order for one more file
Stay caught up on emails
Finish dragons/elf picture
Finish business plan for bank
Finish taxes

For the Month:
WA bazaar - 18th and 19th. Must make stock, find everything.
10 entries up every day. (Should be done by the end of the month!)
Get business plan finished for consultation w/ SBDC and bank
Upload coloring books/secure loan/order books
Stay caught up on emails
Do something for the Journeys art contest...
Add pocket dream journals to the EMG Storefront - if they work*

Off to art before I do the other stuff, since the other stuff will eat up my time and art STILL doesn't feel like valid 'work.'

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