Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I just made the second cutest thing ever!

For the Day:
Get Camilla's package together (mostly done!) - stalled waiting on paper order, should be here tomorrow
Mail teensy watercolor pads - tomorrow, they might weigh more than a stamp, and my mail delivery is only delivery.
Finish card order
Sketches for J.
Invoice for thesis illustrations
Discuss Netflix commission #4 with client
Send off Netflix commission #2 and 3
Catch up on most important emails (sort of...)
Work on dragons/elf portrait
Work on business plan (publishing budget is finished)
Get large print order out with remainder invoice - second half goes out tomorrow...
10 designs up

For the Week
10 entries up everyday
Print order for Makindu auction - printed, holding order for one more file
Stay caught up on emails
Finish dragons/elf picture
Finish business plan for bank

For the Month:
WA bazaar - 18th and 19th. Must make stock, find everything.
10 entries up every day. (Should be done by the end of the month!)
Get business plan finished for consultation w/ SBDC
Upload coloring books/secure loan/order books
Stay caught up on emails
Do something for the Journeys art contest...
Add pocket dream journals to the EMG Storefront*

Aren't they darling? They seem pretty sturdy, but I will want some folks to test them. I'll send out four or five of these, US only, though - they're a little heavier, and again, I'd like some reviews back for April, please! Comments are screened again, and please, nobody who got WC pads. If you commented saying you'd like one in the WC pad entry before I edited to say I was out, I'm sending you one today. If you specified, you got the press you wanted. If you didn't, I made you combo packs - with alternating hot and cold press so you could try them both. Cold press is rougher, hot press is smoother. See Annie's excellent article on the subject of watercolor paper types. :)

What's sweet, is that these journals can use up scrap paper, of which I have a ton lying around because I couldn't throw it out, and even card misprints for the covers. :) :) This particular design won't be available - don't have the rights for it, but I had a misprint lying around.

I'm going to have to get a better clamping bar that I have - this one bends too much. I also need to improve my separation method - a few of the materials - matboard in particular - seems to suck in a bit of the glue, and it was tough to get all of the WC pads apart when I made all 8 at once. That's my biggest concern with the WC pads - the edges. Make sure that you can paint all the way to the edges without running into glue blobs! The one sheet I peeled off seemed perfect, but I didn't want to take the whole pad apart since I needed all of the ones I made to send off for testing.

Also - JOY!!! My big printer is finally out at my studio!! Right now, I have a computer, a laptop, and two printers running. I'm about to go plug in the heatpress. Wonder if I'll blow a fuse. :)

Edit: All test models claimed! :)

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