Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Meh... (and list)

Really feeling spacy and out of it today... no huge surprise. Putting EMG-Zine up takes a bit of focus and attention, and doing that for 10 or however many hours straight isn't really fun or relaxing.

One of these days, I'll actually learn my lesson and put it together BEFORE the 1st, so that I don't have to do a stupid 10 hour binge. :P

(Crud - hit post before I meant to.)

Order ink - I LOVE these guys: http://www.wholesaletoners.com - wonderful, wonderful service.
Order paper
Netflix ACEO #2 - contact client with ideas and payment link.
Catch up on most important emails. (hopefully...)
EMG-Zine catchup - rejection slips - waiting
10 entries up at EMG.

For the Week:
Get Camilla's package together
Get ACEO blanks order together
Print cards (2 orders)
10 entries up everyday
Print order
Print order for Makindu auction - printed, holding order for one more file
Sketches for J.
Netflix ACEO #3 - contact client with ideas and payment link.
Catch up on next most important emails
Move printer
Work on dragons/elf portrait
Update clearance page

For the Month:
WA bazaar - 18th and 19th. Must make stock, find everything.
10 entries up every day.
Get business plan finished for consultation w/ SBDC
Upload coloring books
Stay caught up on emails
Do something for the Journeys art contest...

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