Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Quick list...

Okay, can't go have lunch just yet, because the cat just got comfortable on my lap. Can't disturb a comfortable cat...

Orders: bookmarks for BF, CF cards, KM reprints (proofs in), JH's order, MH's invitation order, T-shirts, More t-shirts, card order, RB order,
10 new entries
Work on Druid's Wind and dragons-elf picture
Netflix commissions 1 and 2.

This Week
Order paper: printing/ACEOs
Pay more bills.
Fishbowl Fantasies to the printer
10 submissions everyday until done (should be only 2 days!)
10 new entries everyday
Get EMG-zine menu preferences coded - coordinate with webmaster...
Keep inbox to 50 or less. Ahahahahahaha...
Finish Druid's Wind and work on Dragons and Elf picture
Walk the dog everyday
Investigate World Con (undoubtedly will be out of budget. :(:()
Karma card designs
Look into Donny's cards
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