Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Evil Dick Blick...

Why must they have beautiful clearance sales with %s of greys in prismacolors that I never even knew existed??? Ah... *drools* But I have blown my art and art supply budget clean out of the water in the last few months, so I will be good and only order the ACEO blanks media.

Haven't made a list in a while - just barely staying afloat of things to do, and it's long past time.

So, a list for today and next week

Orders: ACEO blanks, Kelly's LE proofing bits, 2 big prints, bookmarks for BF, MH's prints and disc,
Call Calvin - dinner tonight? - call again later.
10 sumissions
10 new entries
Email to printing client
Work on Druid's Wind and dragons-elf picture
walk the dog

Next Week
Fishbowl Fantasies to the printer
10 submissions everyday until done (should be only 2 days!)
10 new entries everyday
Get EMG-zine menu preferences coded
Keep inbox to 50 or less.
Finish Druid's Wind and Dragons and Elf picture
Walk the dog everyday
Put up bootcamp on Monday

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