Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Frozen pipes.


I don't even have running water, and I have frozen pipes!!!!

Although, actually, it is probably *because* we don't have running water that we have frozen pipes. Not enough hot water going down regularly enough to flush the system.

It's been warm this week, and most of last week, but before that, it was butt cold - we didn't get warmer than 17 below all of January, I read. Ever heard of a whiplash curve? It has to do with heat radiation (frost depth) in soils - it can easily take 2-3 weeks after the cold spell to run into problems. So, here we are, with frozen drainage pipes.

It's backed up to the drain that will be the toilet. Not all the way, fortunately - noticed dripping in the basement before it overflowed all over the bathroom-to-be. Thank heavens for small blessings. What's more, having not had a drain for so terribly long, we still have all the essentials to deal with not having one again - a utility sink and a bucket. We rotated the dining room table to fit things in better, and voila - we're good to go. Doing dishes is going to be a royal pain in the butt again, though.

Ah! I thought I was done with the stupid slop bucket.

Stupid pipes!

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