Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Are you a trouble-shooting monkey?

I need monkeys!

I've just massaged my shopping cart script, because it was - ack! - not telling me what product was ordered, such that I had to guess by price. Go try to break it! Also, I have taken the large magnets offline and replaced them with the medium (2.5 x 3.5 punch-cut!!) magnets, complete with new lower price. Also, I have gotten one of the four packages I was expecting in on Saturday, so I have new ACEO punch cut blanks available!

If anyone's bored, will you please go try to see if you spot anything wrong with ordering on any of the above? I will give you virtual cookies and gratitude. But nothing else, because I've utterly blown my spending budget on artwork and new paint (REAL artists watercolors!) this month.

The site is here, in case you've lost your map.

On dialup, so unlikely to get a lot of email or submissions done... but little .php files are a breeze. :)

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