Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Random observation. Telemarketing only irritates me. You will not sell me/solicite me/convince me of anything by calling me at home. Does it actually work on *anyone* anymore??

I took the WHOLE MORNING off. To be perfectly honest, I'm going a little crazy and flying apart at the seams under my horrible, ridiculous workload. I was really, really, really hoping to take a whole sanity week off in February, but that's so not happening. So I sat down and wrote completely self-indulgent fanfiction, browsed all those sites I never have time to check, and put on Swedish pop music. Yay! (Okay, not Swedish pop, necessarily, just the pop music that was on Swedish radio while we lived there, which will always be 'Svenska music' in our heads.) I'm very, very, very sorry to all the people who are waiting on me to get through my 3" stack of contracts and PA paperwork and answer emails and generally do my job. Seriously, I needed the unwind. Otherwise, you get a hatchet in the forehead with your pretty prints.

Since then, I've updated my Services page and answered some emails and filled an order that I still need to package.

It's nephew ferrying and gaming day, and I've got a commission to work on. But now, I have 15 minutes to pack up and get out of here. Huh. Paypal appears to be randomly not emailing me payment notices. Grrr... At least I thought to check my account before writing embarassing 'your order came through but I got no payment' emails...

Much to do! Off to do it!

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