Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Monday monday MONDAY!

First off, who's up for a rousing chorus of 'It's a Small World?' I was caught by surprise by a comment from pseudopagan, who was a compatriot-in-crime back *coughnotadmittingdon'twanttocountfeeloldturning*30!!*thisyearcough* some years ago. What an awesome blast from the past. :)

My goal for the day is to get my computer and printer over here. I am sick to death of being between two places (as I complain about so often I'm sure your eyes have already glazed over...). And it's warm again, 22 above up here! So there's no reason not to; just means cleaning up some shtuff that has spread out to occupy all available space.

Then I have to do some finance-type-tax stuff, finish a painting, answer emails (particularly follow up on a few non-pays), fill orders, send a few miscellaneous packages. fireriven, I haven't forgotten that I owe you a goodie box - is the address I have (somewhere) stil good? You may want to send it again to facilitate... because I am a disorganized MESS right now... >.<

Had a very nice weekend - got some work-stuff done on Saturday, but lazed out nearly all of Sunday and played CivII until my brain was a happy puddle in my skull.

Alright, no time for much rambling today.

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