Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Nobody kicked me and I forgot about the EMG-Zine Bootcamps!! Ahhh!!! Must go put them up now...

Got through about 60 submissions today, I think (hard to tell, 'cause some of them are still in the submission count because I'm waiting on high-res files...), and am downloading files to put up more V-day themed artwork. (6 or 7 new designs up at EMG, in case you missed it before...

Emails are kicking my butt.

This morning I got up and cleaned the house like a fiend, tackled my closet and dressers, got rid of a cubic dumptruck load of clothing, and took a two hour nap. Yay! My office still desperately needs cleaned, but Oh Well.

Bootcamp, now...

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