Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Today, I am grateful

Man, am I grateful. Some folks really came through at the last minute for me this week. It's been crazy/nutty/insane-making around here, and there are still some folks I need to scold, but they're in the minority, and most of my rargh-strangle-kill vicitims have very amply made ammends. And oh man, some of the lifesavers really went above and beyond. Never think for a moment I don't appreciate you.

Add to that some really nice emails/comments that have totally, completely validated and encouraged me and I'm a happy Ellen.

I really must also note, having drug through another few dozen submissions this morning, that I'm honestly not trying to make myself as the end-all, know-all in fantasy art - I'm trying to be helpful and useful with my suggestions and reasons, not conceited. Heaven knows that many of the flaws I identify in pieces I reject - and accept - are flaws I struggle with too. It's MUCH easier to see these flaws when you haven't been eyeball to eyeball with your subject, and I am deliberately trying to look from a critical customer view. Don't read more into it than that, pretty please.

Also, I need a secretary. >.<

Hey, someone want to make me a few EMG/PA/EMG-Zine icons? *flutters eyelashes*

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