Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

No more!

If I propose ANY project in the next two months, shoot me. Don't ask questions, don't hesitate, don't be dazzled by the juicy prospect of the project, no matter how tempting. Just shoot me. It will save me much misery later.

Gah! I have SO many balls in the air right now... I have two ftp windows open, and I'm downloading and uploading to two separate sites, I've got several .php files open for EMG-Zine, I've got two email logins open (EMG-Zine and my own), and Photoshop, and I can feel my brains leaking out my ears. My balls are misbehaving... they aren't all juggling themselves like they're supposed to, they're all coming down at the same time, instead, and my gut instinct says: duck and cover! I want to go back to bed...

EMG-Zine is coming - it WILL be released today. *snarl* Because I said so, and damned if I'm not The Most Stubborn person you will ever meet. I have all of the features coded up - though I'm still waffling over putting up the 'Writing an Article' article, or saving it for a future issue. Probably a future 'OMG, nobody came through' issue. Still have reviews, gallery and ...um... 2 columns, PA spotlight, boot camps and the desktops page to do.

Plus the intro.

Need extra eyes - if you want to give it a gander and check for broken links/gross errors before I put it 'really' up, please let me know. Especially need non-Firefox folks, since that's what I've already got.

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